Social Media Marketing – Dominant Platform For Internet Marketers to Rise

While many online marketing mediums attract only few sections of online users, it is the social marketing platform that helps the businesses reach out to all categories of potential clients. Until a few years back, companies used to advertise their products and services at social clubs, functions and just about any place where crowds of people would assemble. Today, people have found a new way of socializing through online social networks. Businesses thus have an alternate and better solution to reach their customers.

Social media marketing is popular because:

• It is an inexpensive way to publicize business products and services among people
• It is an effective way to build long-term relationships with people, thereby leading to high conversion rates
• It takes one’s business to people living beyond geographical boundaries
• It offers quick turnaround by almost instantly driving traffic to one’s business website

Read further to learn more about the power of social media marketing.

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms
Facebook is one of the leading social media networks targeted by internet marketers to promote their business and build professional networks. Here are some marketing methods often adopted on Facebook:

• Creating business pages and posting regular updates can drive Facebook users to your business website.
• Creating groups and inspiring the Facebook users to join them. These groups can be about business products and services.
• Creating fan pages, and using status updates and features like the ‘Like button’ can further help one in business marketing.

Twitter is better known as a micro-blogging network. Here are some ways to use it for business marketing:

• Personal branding by getting connected to others and becoming accessible to them.
• Using viral marketing techniques by letting others tweet about your business posts.
• Setting up Twitter feeds to inform about new products and service updates.
• Providing live coverage of business events related to your company on Twitter.
• Finding prospects for your business by conducting keyword based searches on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a social media network that allows its registered members to maintain the lists of people they are familiar with, personally or professionally. So, how this network is used for social media marketing?

• As you keep networking with people on LinkedIn, your visibility on this social network platform increases.
• A public profile can be created on LinkedIn. Considering the popularity of LinkedIn with Google and other search engines, you profile has great chances of getting indexed online.
• One can also add his or her website or blog to the LinkedIn profile so that it gains popularity with growing individual networks.

There are many other popular social networks like Digg, YouTube and MySpace that can be used more or less in the same ways as described above.

Building Relationships
Social media marketing is all about building relationships with as many people as possible. It is easy to grow your network on social media platforms, but it is important to keep people interested in your presence. Here are some ways to do so:

• Employ a full team of individuals to communicate with people in your network. This should include making new friends, joining groups, participating in discussions, reading blogs and so on.
• Be real and honest in approach. Don’t create fake profiles or write fake comments on social networks.
• Help others in solving their queries by offering suggestions and guidance.
• Have an insight view of what people in your network have to say about your business products and services. Don’t forget to ask people for their feedback, as it will help to analyze your ROI in social media marketing.

It is important to be influential, yet social in your approach to make benefits out of social media marketing. Social media is a great platform for independent professionals and entrepreneurs to market their business, so make sure you use it wisely.