Using Social Media to Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

Social media is the utilization of online communities to promote sales, create business opportunities, and increase the exposure of a particular company. In today’s world, we spend more time online than anywhere else! Social media allows businesses to tap into the steady source of users that are registered through popular online communities. By reaching out to users through these web communities, companies can then create a rapport with the average consumer. Businesses can understand what their target audience is and how to fulfill their needs.

Popular social media sites that are usually targeted include Digg, StumbleUpon,, Facebook, Twitter and many more. These sites give businesses the opportunity to keep in touch with the world and familiarize users with their brand name. Providing updates about various products, and latest advancements of a company, gives consumers something to think about. These updates can lead interested and curious users back to the company website to find out more information. Businesses can discover new target audiences that they hadn’t previously considered through this method of marketing. From analyzing the type of users who showed interest in their company, they can then alter their marketing techniques to effectively increase sales. Being linked to online communities will give businesses and their websites a steady flow of fresh traffic.

Companies interacting through online communities will maximize their number of back links which will help their SEO campaigns. The popularity of a brand name or company on a web community all depends on how much they can provide to their loyal consumers. The more you give, the more you will get in return. For example, a company promoting special offers, discounts, imagery, video and gaming entertainment, will be more popular than companies that merely register and provide a paragraph of information. The idea is not be as focused on selling and to be more interested on putting your customer at ease. By providing entertainment and information for your customer this will add a personal appeal to your brand name and they will be satisfied knowing that you’re not just trying to sell your product.

If you don’t know where to begin, using social networks to drive quality traffic to your website can be a confusing experience. It is important to first assess the quality of the community you want your company to be a part of and whether it will attract the right kind of consumers. If a community will not bring you quality traffic to your website then there is no point. If you have a website that sells dentures you definitely don’t want to waste your time joining a community catered to younger generations! Maybe a social network for 50+ would be more ideal? Once you have narrowed down the network websites right for your company to be affiliated with, you should then scope out if there is already a company profile existing. If this is the case, you will have to formulate a strategy to have your profile stand out from the rest.

Creating a profile through a social media network may not be something that will click right away. Social networking is definitely a trial and error method which will give you the results you need only by checking out what works for you and your business.